Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Playtime with Street View


Syfy's "Haven" is almost over, and filming was completed a year ago.  But I was poking around Google Street View looking at the filming locations and came across something nifty.  What you're looking at here is the Google Street View from Pig Loop Rd. of the arena that was used by "Haven" for many of the indoor sets, captured August 2014 according to Street View.  Actually you're seeing mostly parking lot here.  Not much interesting going on, right?  There's a trailer or RV or two parked out there that might have been used by someone involved with the show, or might not.  You could use your imagination and think about whether the sets were present in the building or whether the cast was around...but it's not real interesting.


Now, just a few "clicks" west along the same road, looking through the fence...and what do we have here?  That beat-up-looking green minivan is...actually beat up.  It was seen in Season 5 Episode 1, flipping and rolling down the road.  Neat, huh?

So for the next "Stupid Street View" trick, change the view to August 2012.  Same location, same view...but now we see a couple more interesting things (this was imaged during filming of the 3rd season).  We see Dave's VW minivan, and just beyond that a "Haven" ambulance.

And if we stick to the August 2012 timeframe and walk the view back a few clicks west, paying attention to this corner where they obviously liked to park the show's vehicles, we get a nice bonus - Nathan's Bronco and a couple of Haven Police cruisers come into view!

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